Logitech MX Ink for Meta Quest Platform

In collaboration with Meta, Logitech is introducing MX Ink, the first Mixed Reality (MR) stylus for the Meta Quest platform. MX Ink empowers users to engage in high-precision creativity and exercise precise control, allowing them to create, annotate, and navigate in MR environments. This GitHub repository explains the features of MX Ink from a developer perspective, and provides information to enable you to add support for the device in your app.

There is a new stylus-specific OpenXR Interaction Profile for MX Ink that should be used in your app to add support for a stylus. However to optimize legacy support and enable easier proototyping, the MX Ink also can report inputs via legacy Touch Controller fields.


The website site provides information on the following topics:

SDK Content

Getting Started Demo Experience Unity Integration Unreal Integration Design Guidelines Toolkit OpenXR

MX Ink 3D Model

          MX Ink Controls

SW Changes Planned for Upcoming Releases

There are numerous changes planned to role out in the coming months. This includes: